Millet Settings for Flagship 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Series Axial Flows

Suggested Starting Settings for Millet

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Series Axial Flows Combines

Here are some suggested settings that we have used in N.A.  Since there are not hundreds of people who combine millet, we will always look for more suggestions.  Here is what we have.

Modules:  Recommend Small Wire for the concave area.  For the Rear grate area, skip wire should be fine.  If straw is real brittle, you may want to try Large wire modules in grate area.
Rotor Configuration:  Recommend standard rotor rasp bar configuration.  Make sure that there are no “straight bars” on the rotor.
Rotor Speed:  300 RPM
Concave Clearance:  6 MM.  Depending on straw quality, you may want to go tighter is straw is breaking up bad.
Pre Sieve Setting:  Thickness of a seed.  Just a bit of gap showing for louver opening.
Chaffer Sieve:  Use 1 1/8 grain sieves.  8 to 9 mm.
Shoe Sieve:  Use 1 1/8 grain sieve.  6 mm.
Fan Seed:  About 600 RPM
Chopper:  High speed if you want to spread straw.  Low speed if you want to windrow straw.  If using low speed, be sure that  the stationary knives are down (out of play).

Note:  If you have  suggestions for Millet settings, please email:  [email protected]