3162 works in Wide Variety of Situations!

We have demoed the 3162 in a wide variety of situations this fall.  We really like what we saw!

* Center cut knife drive is awesome.  Dividers are only 4 inches wide.  Slicing through a field at a diagonal is a breeze!
* Very robust head.
* Fully Flexible cutterbar.  Does a very nice job of staying under the bottom Pod layer! Extra Grain savings.
* Very Straight Forward head.
* Has fore and aft tilt control.  Able to adjust tilt of cutterbar. Very adjustable to ground conditions.
* Easy to adjust!   Very easy and straight forward to adjust weight of cutterbar.  Very adjustable to ground conditions.
* Once you set, you will not have to re-set very often.
* The cam action reel does a wonderful job of tipping the crop and sweep action.  Best reel on the market!