Testimonials – Want to hear you good experiences.


I would like to here your good experiences with your Case IH combines. In particular, I would like to hear from from 1st year owners of 130 series, 140 series and 230 series operators. Please write a note reply/Comment below and tell me what you like. Then click the submit box.

What is your new model combine and what did it replace?
What kind of increase in productivity did you get?
If you would, please list the crop you were in, bushels per hour, or MPH/head size, yield — That would be awesome. Also, let us know what state/providence you are from.

I know what these machines can do, I want to compare notes with what other operators feel. Your information would be very useful. Thank your for your time!

Email at:  combineman@caseihharvesting.com

Thank you,

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